Evelyn & Aaron Encounter

Evelyn & Aaron Encounter

Aaron knew that he would be coming home to Evelyn wearing only her panties and bra. He told her when he left for work that morning that when he got home at 6:05 that night she need be in that ensemble. “What color, Aaron?” Evelyn asked in passing as she exited the shower and grabbed her white towel to dry off her wet body. “Red,” was Aarons reply. He kissed her on the lips and left for work.

Now the time is 6:06pm and Aaron has entered the house, but Evelyn wasn’t in the kitchen, living room or the dining area. “Evelyn?!” Aaron yelled in curiosity and slight frustration.

“I’m upstairs,” She responded back from the top of the staircase, “I’ve been waiting for you for hours Aaron.”

Aaron bolted up the stairs and into the bedroom. The bed was still made, and the tv was on. He stepped closer to determine what was playing, “Eve….” he started as he moved closer to the screen.

His eyes adjusted to the scene. It was a video of a woman pleasing herself with a 9 inch long dildo and looked to be almost 5 inches in diameter! “Fuck, this is hot Evelyn!!” Aaron moaned as he moved into the doorway between the bedroom and bathroom. He stood there and looked at his woman, Evelyn.

Evelyn was sitting on the edge of the bathtub wearing a red push up bra, showcasing her C cups to look full and luscious. Her nipples were hard but they weren’t visible through the bra material. Evelyn had on red panties with a very thin gold lace trim on the top. She leaned forward to make her breasts hang down and cover her crotch. “Aaron, I’ve been getting all warmed up for you….” She stood up slowly and started toward Aaron.

“Stop, stand still,” Aaron instructed, “Turn around.”

Evelyn turned her back to Aaron.

“Unstrap your bra and let it fall off your body,” Aaron demanded.

Evelyn abided, “Yes sir.”

“Bend over and put your hands to your ankles.”

Evelyn placed her fingers around her ankles and exhaled her breath.

Aaron took three steps towards her. He leaned down and looked at the gold trim on the panty, he took his left pinky and slowly tickled her skin right under the edge of the panty. He inhaled sharply to smell her ass musk. He pinched the material between his forefinger and thumb and then pulled straight up to create a wedgie.

“Mmmmh,” Evelyn murmured, “You want to get my panties real dirty?”

“Yes, this is the best part.” Aaron whispered as he shoved his nose in between Evelyn’s ass cheeks inhaled then exhaled very deep three times in a row into the red and gold panty.

Evelyn pushed her ass farther into Aaron’s face and hummed a little for him.

Aaron then turned his body, so he sat down on the floor and his face was towards her pussy. Evelyn still had her panties on and they were hiked up so tight between her ass and pussy cheeks.

“I love your pussy lips and your great ass,” Aaron whispered, placing his nose on the red fabric where it met Evelyn’s dripping wet pussy.

“You are so wet and ready for me aren’t you Eve,” Aaron said into her panties.

Her legs were spread to accommodate Aaron between them. He could see the stains through the fabric of her morning poo and her discharge accumulating on the gusset. These nylon panties are so soft and sexy on her, Aaron thought. He moved his body to be next to her and said, “Okay, close your legs for me baby.”

Evelyn did what she was told. Aaron placed each of his hands on each side of her hips and gripped the panties and pulled them down to her ankles. She stepped out of them. Now Evelyn was completely naked. Her nipples were hard and pointed, her pussy was blossoming, wet and ready. Her face was a bit rosey because she knew what was to happen with Aaron, her heart beat quickened.

“You are the most attractive woman I’ve ever seen,” Aaron said as he took her arm and they merged to the bed, “Now, get on all fours on the bed for me.”

“First, you need to be naked Aaron,” Evelyn inserted to him.

“You are right, my beloved.” Aaron removed all of his clothes, even his boxers. His 8 inch cock was hard and ready for action but that would have to wait a few more minutes.

Evelyn straddled the bed and spread her legs a bit to expose her asshole and pussy. “Baby, I am so ready.” She said sensually.

Aaron caressed her buttocks and made her nerves come alive with his touch. He teased her clit with his fingers and inserted two fingers into her pussy. She welcomed the fingers and let out a soft moan. Aaron used his other hand to stroke his cock to get himself ready.

Evelyn laid her head and shoulders on the bed to force her ass higher and ready to be fucked like the dirty, naughty woman she is.

Aaron teased Evelyn’s pussy with the head of his cock. He knew she was soaking in anticipation and had been waiting all day for this just like he had. He inserted his full member into her tight pussy and she exhaled with him.

Aaron fucked Evelyn slowly at first, got her pussy used to his member again. He thrusted his cock in and out and held onto her ass to keep steady. Evelyn gripped the bed sheets with her hand and turned her face to the right. She could see Aaron’s face out of her peripheral and was so turned out by his dominance.

Aaron started with his right pinky. He massaged around Evelyn’s asshole. He knew she was still warming up to anal but he also knew she loved to be double penetrated. He kept thrusting into her pussy and massaging her asshole until it was ready. He grabbed a vibrating dildo a little smaller than his own cock and turned it on low. He placed the tip near Evelyn’s asshole. “Are you ready for this baby?”

“Fuck yes, I am!” Evelyn gushed, “give it to me, both at once, fill me UP!” As soon as she said up Aaron pushed the vibrator three inches into her asshole.

“Like this,” He said while matching up the rhythm between his cock and the vibrator.

“Oh My God, Yes baby, Just like that!!!” Evelyn couldn’t get enough. She could feel her G-spot get touched in the right spot every time. She lived for this feeling. Letting Aaron fill her pussy and asshole and her body can be in pure bliss.

Aaron continued to keep rhythm as Evelyn’s body met his at every beat. Their bodies slapped together as her pussy and ass juice seeped out between every thrust. Aaron could barely keep from coming once he had both of her holes going.

“I’m going to cum so quick!!” Evelyn shouted.

At that moment Aaron removed the vibrator from her ass, pushed his hard cock into her ass and then took his right hand and fingered her clit vigorously while fucking her asshole hard and fast to make her cum.

His cock exploded with orgasm at the same time as Evelyn’s orgasm occurred.

 He pulled out of her and she laid face down on the bed.

“Give me 10 minutes then ready for round 2?” 

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