Economically Blond

Economically Blond

Panty Selling and a Free Market

I’m not an economist so please forgive me if my analogy isn’t perfect, but I do have some thoughts on the topic of selling and pricing. I have noticed some things over the last 6 months or so of being on fetish sites and I think by now I have tried out most of the available sites. They certainly vary in certain aspects but I think there is a common trend to most of them to remember when it comes to pricing and selling.

 Please note that this article is not to tell anyone what to do or how to set their prices nor am I going to single out any particular seller. All I hope to do here is give some food for thought and throw out some ideas that if used, they really overall have the potential to benefit all sellers and the quality of a site as a whole.

 Panty selling is like a free market system. At least this appears to be the case on all sites I’ve tried to date. What does that mean? Bear with me and I swear this will be the only boring thing (hopefully).

 A free market means that there is no governing body setting prices and the prices are determined by consumers. The system is based on supply and demand and basically what the sellers and buyers feel is the fair pricing. I have not seen a site to date where the admin states a minimum price or where the admin has any say in what a seller can charge. So, the sky is the limit. However, the ground can also be the limit too. So, what is a girl to do?

 Firstly, I ask you to consider your costs. How much does it cost you to buy your panties? Outfits? Toys? How much does it cost you to ship? How much is your packaging? Do you know?

 This is called your overhead. It in theory exists with almost any sale. If you sell a panty for a certain amount, is that the amount that is really going in your pocket? Are you maybe just moving some of your own money around?

 For instance, what if I buy my panty for 5 dollars and it costs me 5 dollars to ship it. I decide to sell it for 20 dollars and I package it up and away it goes to some lucky guy.

However, I ask you to consider whether or not you truly made 20 dollars. I may see 20 dollars go into my amazon account when the buyer pays me but what about the cost of the panty and the shipping that went out of my regular bank account. In reality, I just made 10 dollars from that sale and it went into my amazon account. I actually lost 10 from my regular bank account and maybe more if I consider the cost of packaging or vacuum sealing etc.

 My point with the above is I encourage new sellers to remember overhead. Are you actually getting new money that you didn’t have before in your pocket or bank account? Are you happy with that amount? Does that amount reflect the time that you put into that panty or video? Did the sale take time away from anything else you value such that the money was not worth it?

 I see how it is tempting to have lower prices. In theory you will sell more and especially when you are starting out and you don’t have a client base yet, it may seem to make sense to sell low. Or does it?

 Going back to my boring talk about a free market, remember that we set the prices. We can charge 50 bucks for a pair of panties or 10. Yes, you also need a base of buyers to think that is a reasonable price, but what if we as sellers decided more or less that a panty was worth a certain amount? If there was a somewhat agreed upon base price, the buyers would have to accept that price if they want a panty.

 On the other hand, what if we all competed to have the lowest price? In theory as mentioned above, we would sell more. What guy wouldn’t buy a cheap panty?? However, when keeping overhead in mind, even if you are selling more, are you making money? Is your time well spent?

The other thing I would ask you to think about is what type of buyer am I attracting if I try to have the lowest prices possible? Am I getting a buyer that values my time and product?

 I would argue that the risk with competing for the lowest price does us all disservice in the end. Individual sellers make less per panty/product and there is more and more pressure for the others to drop their prices so they can still sell. In this process and in a free market, we are setting the price and we are setting the price to be low as a whole. Nobody wins here really.

 Maybe you could argue that the buyer wins. However, it is also possible that a cheap price can mean a cheap product. I do think we see this all the time in the world in other non-sexy products. I am not saying that a low price guarantees a cheap product but ask yourselves how much effort you would put into something outside of panty selling to make 5 dollars? That being said I am sure there are a lot of sweet women out there on fetish sites trying really hard for the buyer and sadly not really making any money.

 Am I saying that we should all charge insane amounts or that there should be zero price variation? No, I am not. I am merely trying to point out certain aspects to consider in this business and that sometimes even if it seems like we are selling or making money, we aren’t. I ask ladies to look at their pricing for themselves and the group as a whole. 

Remember we really set the market. If you deem that your product is worth a certain amount, that is what buyers expect to pay and that is what you create as the “market”. I absolutely think we need to be fair to our buyers as well but I ask all ladies to value yourself and your time.

 I have some great respectful guys that keep coming back and one truly thanked me recently for providing this “service” as he called it. He admitted to me that used panties was always a fetish but he didn’t want to seem like a creep or do “creepy” things to get them. I just thought that was a really sweet thing to hear that he really appreciates me.

 Do I want to bleed him dry financially and charge a ridiculous amount per panty? No way! However, I do want a buyer like him that appreciates me and doesn’t mind paying reasonably for my efforts because in the end, I really do make an effort to make him happy.

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