Becoming A Used Panties Seller on Scented Pansy

Becoming A Used Panties Seller on Scented Pansy

Hello dollies,

Yes, Alice is back in writing! I have been in this wonderful adult industry for about a year and a half now. Although I did take a few months break from ScentedPansy back in 2017 I never stopped selling!

I have had many, many fun times here but I have also had a few sour times as well. But with all businesses there will always be some trial and error.

Not to toot my own horn but I like to think I have gotten this panty business finally down! I'm very happy with what I offer as a seller here as well as how I price my items. Now because I have had so much fun being an adult worker you can bet that I run my mouth about what I do to friends and family!

I've always noticed that when they hear me say "I'm an adult worker. I'm on a fetish site where I can sell my used lingerie!" Their eyes get huge and their mouths are wide open and then the question spill out all over the place!

I have invited over 65 ladies to this site yet only 2 of them have gone premium! After having to show the ropes to my lovely friends who became fetish workers my answers became very scripted. So I figured I would write a Q&A blog about becoming a ScentedPansy seller. Remember, this is just what my best suggestions are on becoming a seller.

Question 1: "What do you sell?"

Answer 1: "It's a personal preference for all sellers. Some sellers offer items that other sellers don't. You can sell whatever you are comfortable with. I think the most popular items sold are panties, explicit photos and videos as well sexting chats. You just sell what items you feel comfortable doing."

Question 2: "How much do you make/what do you charge?"

Answer 2: "Your sales will depend on what you have to offer as well as how active you are. The more active I am the more sales I make. Now, you can charge whatever you want but just make sure that you're getting more out of it than what you're putting into it. I start off my panties for $25 and that will include a 24 hour wear and then I charge an additional $10 per extra 24 hours. But it's ultimately up to you!"

Question 3: "Will they know who I am?"

Answer 3: "Not unless you tell them. You can remain completely anonymous or you can chose to be open."

Question 4: "How do I start?" *This is my favorite question!!*

Answer 4: "This will be a long answer so prepare yourself! The first thing I did was create a stage name for myself and then I created an email associated with my stage name. For example, my name is Alice Ireland and my email is [email protected]

Once you have finished with that I suggest creating a Kik account related to your stage name. My Kik is YourAliceIreland. This will help with cocommunicating with current and future buyers. Once you've done that you'll create an account on this site. *I send them my SP link!* The rest is pretty self explanatory. You'll make a profile photo and create your bio as well. Once you get verified and become a premium member you can officially start making listings for any item you want to sell!"

Question 5: "How do I get paid?"

Answer 5: "Most of the SP community members use GooglePay, Venmo, SquareApp and Amazon giftcards. But you can find other payment options if you choose. Jusy make sure you get paid before you do anything!"

I think I've pretty much touched the main bases of how to become a seller on SP. Even if I missed anything I'm sure I'll write another article or just create a part two!

I hope this is helpful and thanks for reading!

Lots of love,

Alice 💋

Becoming A Used Panties Seller on Scented Pansy2