Baby Blue ♡

Baby Blue ♡

Happy to Please You !!

My very own article!!?? This feels too good to be true!! I do want to thank everyone on here for being so lovely, first ♡. Starting out here was made so easy by the wonderful customers and ladies I've spoken to/dealt with. I'm not sure what to include in my article but I think I have an idea!!

To buyers:

Thank you for all that you do for us ladies here, I know we all appreciate you dearly. Please be respectful to us and we will give you the same courtesy ♡ I hope to do a lot of business with a lot of you!! I enjoy making fantasies a reality for you special fellas, it gives me an overwhelming sense of satisfaction!!

To sellers: 

This isn't my first rodeo, if any of you need advise, I'm here. You are more than welcome to talk to me. Please don't sell yourselves short if you're new or just not getting as many sales as your like. Doing a sale every now and then is fine, but when you make your prices drop significantly all the time, it affects us all. 

Contact me here, on Kik @Baby22_Blue, on Instagram @Official_Baby.Blue23 or on Twitter @Baby23_Blue

Baby Blue ♡2