Always communicate as clearly as possible!

Always communicate as clearly as possible!

Expectations from the beginning, and following through with what you say.

        Even though I haven't been doing this for long, I've discovered just how important it is to have precise, clear, communication between a buyer and seller, on whats expected for a wear or other service.  If its known in the beginning what is expected, it makes it so much easier to make your wear truly one of a kind!!

        If you like a girlfriend experience, or your more into BDSM, or maybe you just want your panties to go, those are the things I WANT to know!!! YOU are the master of your own experience.  Letting a seller know what you want from the start is the surest way to get it, and it definitely goes both ways!!!!! A good seller will always be informative and let you know exactly to expect, dates of availability, if something happens and those change, when your wear starts (with photos delivered),or when your video or pic set will be made, so you ALWAYS know exactly what you're getting! 

Follow through with what you say you are going to do. This should go without saying, but both sides need to be understanding of the other parties needs, limits, and expectations. Once you've agreed to certain terms, isn't best to keep your word? 


Always communicate as clearly as possible!2