Giving selflessly, without expecting anything in return.


Earlier today I was having a conversation with my mother. Complementing me on my good deeds, and saying that I was “altruistic” sounds funny, I know, but this grabbed my attention enough to inspire me to write. Since it is the perfect season for giving back good into this world. 🎄 ☃️ 

What the heck is altruism?!   

altruism is a concept in psychology, French Philosopher, Auguste Comteit coined the term. To be altruistic, one must give, or do acts of selflessness . Without expecting anything in return. To give for the sake of giving! (Is that really such a strange concept?) altruism is any behavior that is kind, generous and helpful to those around you. Family, friends, even strangers! 

People go to considerable lengths, to help a sick neighbor, take in a troubled child, serve in the soup kitchen, or volunteer to be a fireman 🚒 

If you’ve been empathetic in the past, there’s a good chance you’ve already been altruistic in your life. there is something REALLY beautiful about giving, selflessly. Again and again, without bragging, or Sharing for likes.

To wrap it all up 🎁

This holiday season, give without expecting anything in return, give just because. Do something Nice for a stranger. Putting good in this world, good comes back to you. Do something Good for someone today, it is the season of giving after all. ❤️

Altruism 2