A Man I Know

A Man I Know

You make me excited, you make me weak. Being in your arms is what I seek.

Your body is so beautiful, it takes my breathe away but more than that your smile makes my whole day.

Your voice is very sexy, I love the way you talk and I would love to watch your ass move when you walk.

I want to touch you all over, run my fingers through your hair and kiss you so hard you will be begging for air.

I want to feel your hands all over my skin. I love your big heart, thanks for letting me in.

You have a beautiful soul and a beautiful mind. I never knew a love like yours is something I could find.

I want to feel your tongue in between these lips and I want to sit on your face and grind these hips.

I want to bury your cock in my mouth and then I want it to travel way down south.

I want to feel your passion as you enter me slow and make love to me baby, it is a feeling I must know.

Can you tie me up and have your way, receiving from you, sexy is the delight of my day.

You are a beautiful sight and a joy to know, I am so thankful you are a man that I know.

A Man I Know2