Nov 02, 2021
A First Date Gone Wrong

A First Date Gone Wrong

Based on a true experience written for my domme

Send $60 Now!" Anne typed in to her email message. Pressing send, she felt a bit of relief.
And almost like a genie in a bottle, her phone vibrates immediately. She looks, "$80 has been deposited to your bank account", read the alert.
"Sam, that's a good boy", she thought to herself.
With that relief, she looks back up across the table to the man she is having a first date with. He didn't seem to notice Anne had disconnected with what he was saying ages ago, and kept on spewing about this or that and or how 'successful' he was. Not aware that the woman he was to impress lost interest. Only marginally did he even ask about her, what she did, what she liked and instead talked down to her, like she had no clue about anything, including herself. "I think it's important for a woman to....." he would start but Anne already fades out. Tired, exhausted of this. "This guy probably just wants to fuck me. No way he's coming home with me" Anne had decided.

Out of nowhere...
"Why aren't you listening to me?" the man demanded.  Anne, already at the brink of civility.
"Ok cowboy, I'm going to have to shut you down right there." Anne retorts with an air of invincibility.
Expecting a submissive apology, the man doesnt know how to respond.
"I've been sitting here for the last 40 minutes with you and 39 minutes of it has been fucking mind numbing. The only enjoyable minute was when the waiter asked what I wanted for dinner. I might has well been on a date with the waiter." The initial shots - Fired - And on target.
"You look and act like a schmuck.", continued Anne.
"You want to know something?....i am a domme and I have men begging to spend even 5 minutes before please me, to pleasure me, to be at my disposal. Attentive to my needs. But you are too stupid to know how to speak with and engage with a woman."
 "Dinner is over. Be on your way. Leave me to have a scotch and salvage an enjoyable moment."  Anne's on a roll.
The man launches into a tirade but it's all ill conceived nonsense - "bitch this, bitch that, you don't even know me." Standard male ego defensive verbiage. Anne also doesn't care as she orders from the scotch list. Why start listening now?
"Well, I'm not going to pay for your dinner", the man finally declares.
"I didn't expect anything from a clueless imbecile like you. You think you even get the privelege of paying for me? I would embarrass myself for accepting anything from you. I feel sorry for you. My good sub has already paid for me, and as charity even paid for you..... because I asked him to. Be on your way".
The man, with nothing more to say, leaves with his knickers in a bunch.

Anne, now by herself, sips her Ardbeg scotch that has arrived. She notices an unread message on her phone. "Thank you, my Domme, for letting me tribute you."
 "I am still not happy. Be ready to be punished. I want to see you eat garbage." She types back. Of course she appreciates her sub, but this is her secret world. A world where she rules.