A Buyer's Perspective On Scented Pansy

A Buyer's Perspective On Scented Pansy

     Ever since becoming a part of the Scented Pansy community, I noticed, as I'm sure many others have, that Puddin' Magazine has multiple stories written from the seller's point of view. Since there are so many providers on this site, it's only natural there would be many of those articles, but I wanted to take the time and present my story as a buyer. It should be noted as well, that I have purchased panties for a number of years now, and Scented Pansy is the only site I have noticed where members can post stories, and not just rate their experiences with sellers. I love that I can post my perspective like this and I will be sharing many erotic stories in the future!

     While I can't speak for all men, we all know the reasons for interest in this fetish world are as varied as the number of those involved, and everyone has their own story. For me, it all started years ago when my parents used to receive the Sears and JC Penney catalogs that featured models in their lingerie. This was long before the internet, Victoria's Secret, or Frederick's Of Hollywood, but starting out, it was what I knew. It would excite me to open the pages of the catalog and see pictures of women in their bras, panties, lingerie and swimwear. I could sit there in private, pouring over these images, and even though I didn't understand  what it meant at the time, the images ignited a passion within me. That passion carried over into television, and although I couldn't freeze those pictures as they passed, I was still thrilled beyond belief. Looking back, I can still feel the same sensation deep within me, a tiny, tingling spark that has grown exponentially over the years! I was hooked!

     When I became a teenager, my interests turned to phone sex, and exploring my fantasies with women who shared my passions and desires. I remember telling a girl that I wanted her to touch herself wearing only the panties she had on and to orgasm in them at least once, soaking up all of her juices. I distinctly remember her voice as she described the color, fabric and style of her intimates, and much to my surprise, I received those same panties in the mail just a few days later. I remember the elated feeling that encompassed me as I held the silky, satin panties this girl had worn and pleasured herself while wearing. Just feeling that soft, delicate material in my hands, caressing my face and breathing in the strong, heady scent this girl left behind lit a fire within me that has never been extinguished. The very next time I talked to this girl, I told her I had her panties in my hands, and together, we caressed every inch of my body, losing myself in the fantasy of hearing her voice in my ear and the scent of her orgasm and juices in my face. I still get excited just thinking about it!

     As time passed, I began to find girls in videos who replaced phone sex, giving me the pleasure of not just hearing a girl's voice, but watching her perform for me, feeding the flames deep within. With the introduction of the internet, I found a way to easily access the websites I wanted, and over the past 20 years, I have joined different websites, but Scented Pansy is the only site I have found where I can submit my stories and share them with like minded people. I want the ladies out there to understand the sensual and powerful passion for intimates we share, and that they are not only providing panties, but they are sharing a part of their lives. 

     For me, it isn't just the act of trading hard earned money for panties, it is sharing mutual fantasies between us, an act that is closer than the art of making love. It is her wearing panties for her client, delving into whatever fantasy or desire she shares with him, letting her intimates soak up her juices and excitement before taking pictures or videos and discreetly mailing them to him. It is the act of this man opening his special package in private, thrilling as he opens the plastic bag with his lover's panties inside, closing his eyes, and breathing in the scent of her flower she has worn just for him. It is the act of touching each other so intimately and sharing the pleasures of cumming together. 

     It is my hope that ladies out there in Scented Pansy land will read this and know what a wonderful experience this is, not just for me, but for every guy out there. I look forward to building beautiful relationships with the ladies who provide me with my desires, and I can't wait to keep growing in this fetish.

     I look forward to exploring with you...!

A Buyer's Perspective On Scented Pansy2