6 months post selling review

6 months post selling review

Updated review from the seller’s side

Hi all! I've submitted an article in the past and it was about my experience selling as a newer seller on scented pansy and I am now writing a follow up as it has been just over six months since I've been on the site!


In my experience scented pansy has been the best place to sell panties online, this is true even six months down the line from when I first started. There's a multitude of reasons for this which will all be covered in this article.


One of the top reasons I really love this site is because they do implement safety precautions for both the buyers and sellers. If you are a more seasoned user on this site, you may know of an incident that happened at the beginning of summer where a popular seller essentially tried to pull some sketchy behavior and the admin took care of it almost immediately. Being on a site where your showing your body, your personality, and often times even your home (in photos), can be very nerve-racking but I do feel very safe using this site. If I didn't, there is no way I would keep my profile but I know that the admin and the community cares☺️❤️ 


another reason that I prefer scented pansy is because the community on here is very respectful. Any website you use that has users who can sign up on their own is going to have a few bad apples and that is true even for this site, but the bad apples that I've encountered have been very tame and no drama has developed. I have a few pieces of advice for both buyers and sellers based on this specific part of my review
ADVICE FOR SELLERS: If you do have a disrespectful buyer reach out to you, block them immediately and don't respond. Nothing good will come out of it and it's a waste of your time and energy. I also don't recommend haggling over prices Since our service is usually either our bodies or items on our bodies and it is very personal in nature. Price your items that you feel are worth the time, effort and money and keep those prices rigid out of both respect for yourself and for the buyer so there is no misleading or confusion around why prices change.

ADVICE TO BUYERS: don't ask for discounts, try to haggle/barter, or ask if you can get any sort of freebies. Every person selling on this site is trying to pay their bills and makes an honest effort to provide their service and to ask for discounts on things such as their body or their time is out right disrespectful. We are not Walmart or target conglomerates, we are just single individuals trying to pay bills. I would consider it disrespectful to reach out to chat for free with sellers because this is not a dating site, this is a site for sellers and buyers indicating that money should be involved in each interaction. Instead of privately messaging a seller with compliments about her looks, leave a comment on a photo as a way to show your appreciation. This will boost her profile and is not as invasive as a reach out essentially trying to get free services.




ladies when you are shipping things, try to use USPS instead of FedEx or UPS because USPS has better prices and could use the funding. you can do research on your own but basically USPS delivers to the entire United States of America where is UPS and FedEx do not so if USPS goes under than a lot of folks in more rural areas will not be able to get mail. And we want to be able to sell to our wonderful buyers in the thickets of the Montana wilderness or who are living more near isolation up in Alaska, don't we?❤️❤️ 



I feel like this portion might actually be nested under respect because I do feel like communication is extremely important re; respect. 

Sellers- if you were going to be late sending an item, could not send a daily photo for the day for whatever reason, or have any issue at all arise then you definitely need to reach out to your buyer because they are spending their hard earned money on your services and have probably been looking forward to hearing from you or talking to you and you would expect the same follow through if you were spending money. Plus as I mentioned earlier, us sellers are not conglomerates like target or Walmart, so our buyers can't just go get refunds if something goes wrong so they may be even a bit more touchy about following through with the service that they have already paid for. And that is OK. Try to put yourself in their shoes when things go awry and imagine how you would like to be treated in that situation. Always treat your buyer with dignity and respect.




I recommend watermarking photos or at the very least your videos. You never know who might be looking at them or purchasing them so it's best to just have some sort of watermark on them. The only exception is if you have a very distinct look about you, it might be hard for others to essentially use your intellectual property (I.e. photos/videos) Because of the different looks. For example, I have tattoos on my arm and hand so if another seller tried to sell on a different site using my photos, It might be extremely hard because when she would have to send daily photos to the buyer, and even if she had a similar pair of panties, our bodies would not look similar and I have tattoos that she would not have.


my last bit of advice is to clear up your damn storage on your cell phone, I have over 12,000 photos on my phone now So I empathize with any of the other gals who have way too many photos and have a lot of maintaining on the backend to do. 


Happy selling, y'all🥰😘 





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